Power. Meet Truth.

When you partner with Pharus, you get an unwavering dedication from our team. We’ll provide fresh perspectives even when they’re hard to hear, light a better way when it feels all options have been exhausted, and challenge the status quo if we believe it’s in your company’s best interest. 

Providing senior-level transaction advice to high-growth companies

Pharus was founded in 2001 by partners with a breadth of experience across banking, consulting, corporate development and operations. The idea was simple: to provide senior-level transaction advice to high-growth companies.

The market reaction was very positive, with Pharus filling-in the space created when many of the traditional growth-oriented investment banks were acquired by larger institutions throughout the late 1990’s.

Since our founding, Pharus has steadily grown without accepting any form of outside capital. As a partner-owned firm, we can assure our clients that we are conflict-free and 100% focused on our core advisory services.

We now operate globally from our offices in NY and London. We have particular expertise in complex, cross-border transactions (about half our deals involve non-US buyers or sellers).

Additionally, we invest our own capital into early-stage deals where we are confident we can add-value. We have investments in both the US and Europe and a very exciting portfolio. We know that investing makes us better bankers and being bankers make us better investors.

Why the Name Pharus?

Pharus is Latin for lighthouse, originally from the Greek (Φάρος). Pharos is the small island off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, where Sostratus of Cnidos built the family lighthouse in 290 BCE. The lighthouse stood 100m tall and it became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. We felt the lighthouse metaphor was appropriate given our role in guiding companies through complex M&A and capital raising engagements.

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